Vegan Sandwiches – The Struggle Is Real

Sandwiches and I have never been friends. To be honest, I just don’t see the hype. I’ve never liked them and I feel like this has something to do with my aversion to many of the sandwich’s best condiments: mustard, relish and…(duh duh DUH!) mayo. I was also never a lover of deli meats in my meat-eating days. So, naturally, sandwiches and I just never hung out. We didn’t know each other. Well all of that is about to change!

Sammie and I are trying to get better acquainted but the hurdles of this lunch-time race track are still pretty dang high. See, I enjoy a good wrap. I like burgers. Who doesn’t like things that are wrapped in bread? But sandwiches, I’m not too sure about. Even as a kid, pb&j sandwiches just weren’t my thing. Jam, yes. Lots of jam. But a jam ‘sandwich’ is just two pieces of toast stuck together. Let’s be honest.

Well, lucky for you, I’m newly into the business of documenting the trials and tribulations of ‘My So-Called Vegan Life’. So today, dear readers, I have for you, the stunning attempt at a vegan sammie. It is not perfect, by any means but, it was my first real attempt so be gentle with me.

It all started with the zucchini that was dying a slow and painful death in my fridge. I decided to see what it would be liked fried, as I don’t have a grill. Then I added spinach, tomato, and shredded carrots. I smeared garlic hummus on one side of the bread and on the other side, I mashed some avocado.

Verdict: not bad. The mushy avocado and hummus was a little too much mush for my liking but I ate the whole thing and sort of enjoyed it.

Better luck next time? Let’s hope so.

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