Veggie Sushi!

Last week I finally did it. I made my own veggie sushi! I’ve been meaning to try and make it for ages now and I can’t believe how well it turned out.

This week was pretty crazy, all things considered and I wasn’t sure if I really felt up to it but I put the rice on Wednesday evening and made myself try it. Sushi is something that people think is really hard to make, myself included.

If you look it up, most sushi recipes call for rice vinegar to make the proper rice and tell you that you have to cook your rice in less water than you normally would, for the right texture. I neglected to do both of these things and my rolls still turned out delicious. In retrospect, I would cook my rice in a little less water but having cooked it regularly did not harm the taste or texture of my rolls.

The beauty of sushi is that you can really stuff it with whatever you like. I’ve seen people use thin tomato slices to micmic the texture of tuna which I think I might try next time. I used to love spicy tuna rolls, in my pre-veggie days, with their panko and spicy sauce. That’s my next sushi recreation to make.

For these rolls, I used nori sheets that I was lucky to find at the local grocery store and just my regular rice and vinegar. The nori sheets were the only thing that I bought that couldn’t already be found on my normal shopping list. I stuffed them with green pepper, cucumber, carrots and avocado. I’m still so surprised at how tasty they turned out. I think sushi is going to have to be added to my regular meal rotation! Yum! Yum! Yum!


1 cup of white rice (+ water to cook it)

3 tbsp of white vinegar

2 tbsp of sugar

3 nori sheets

slices of your choices of veggies (cucumber, green pepper, carrots, avocado)

*I did grate my carrots for this recipe but I will be chopping them thinly next time)


  1. Cook your rice. I cooked mine normally but most blogs tell you to cook it with a little less water than normal.
  2. When the rice is finished, mix together the vinegar and sugar. Move the rice to a bowl and place a couple tbsp of the mixture onto the top of the rice. Cut this mixture into the rice with a wet spatula. Do this quickly. You want your rice to be sticky and thoroughly mixed together. You may need to add more of the vinegar and sugar mixture. Let rice cool thoroughly before spreading onto the nori sheets.
  3. Lay a nori sheet out on top of a cloth and spread the rice thinly over it, covering every corner.
  4. Lay your veggies across the long edge of the sushi, about a quarter of an inch into the roll.
  5. Roll your sushi! Roll it tightly. I wrapped mine in a clean dish cloth and held it for a few minutes before laying it to one side.
  6. Roll all 3 rolls and lay to one side.
  7. Cut your rolls into quarter inch or half inch thick rolls, your choice.
  8. Chill your rolls and enjoy with a side of soy sauce.

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