Zero Waste Thoughts on Earth Day

I’m breaking in my new Zero Waste baggies today and I couldn’t be more excited! I’m trying to reduce the amount of waste that I produce in an effort to help our planet. Something that’s really started coming to the forefront of my mind lately is he amount of waste that we produce. There is no Planet B so we have to take care of what we have but instead we are populating it with garbage and things that take hundreds of years to decompose, if they decompose at all!

I had my mom help me create reusable sandwich bags and drawstring bags along with this handy utensil holder so I can travel in a more zero waste way. I find myself noticing more and more the amount of garbage the time I produce as a single person. It’s also something that I notice a lot as a teacher. We are so wasteful!

Canadians produce, on average, a total of 25 MILLION tons of garbage a year. A YEAR! In 2009, a study found that Canadians produce a crazy amount of garbage – 720 kilograms per person, per year! The worst part is that my little province, my beautiful floating rock in the ocean, is home to a provincial garbage amount of 743 kilograms per person, per year! We are higher than the national average!! While we may not be the province with the highest rating, we have less places to put all of this waste and eventually we are going to run out of rock.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my province but we are one of the most wasteful provinces in this country. A country that is one of the most wasteful in the world. That’s not the sort of trophy you want to shine up and put on your mantelpiece, if you catch my drift. We have no provincial wide recycling program, we have a very high number of landfills and we have yet to ban plastic bags. All of this is rather ironic when you consider that we make our living from the sea, where most of the plastic ends up in the end. We drag our nets through the ocean but instead of cod, we drag up water bottles, six ring can holders, sobeys bags, you get the picture. I strongly believe that this little province of ours could make a big difference. We have one of the best communities of people around on this rock and we are notorious for sticking together. We should stick together for the planet. And this is what has inspired me.

If you’re curious about the zero waste life style, there are lots of places that you can go for information. There are some great documentaries about the effect that plastic is having on our environment and there are some great blogs. Check out Béa Johnson, Trash is for Tossers, The Girl Gone Green, EcoBoost, and Going Zero Waste to name a few. There are also great Zero Waste living Facebook groups, maybe one in your area, and, when all else fails, Pinterest is full of info graphics and diy designs!

My goal isn’t to be completely zero waste. It is to simply reduce my waste and, of course, love the earth! ❤️

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