2018 – My Thoughts and ‘Resolutions’


This is not going to be a “New Year, New Me” post. It’s not going to be an apology for my absence. This blog is for my creativity, for my own use, to post recipes and chronicle my vegan journey as well as my experimentation with minimalism and my journey towards personal waste reduction. This is also not going to be a life update because, well because life happens.

2017 was a pretty phenomenal 365 days. I completed training to become a kids yoga teacher, did a massive declutter of my belongings, got a permanent teaching job, rented my first solo apartment, celebrated my one year vegan anniversary, went 6 weeks without home internet and started writing poetry again.

I made the difficult decision to go on medication for my hormonal acne, and finally saw some relief. I researched zero waste and the consequences of our trash and overconsumption on the planet, took some primary steps to reduce my own personal waste and made some of my own reusable items. Hopefully 2018 will be just as great!

I’ve long since been interested in resolutions. People generally set about making them in the new year but they are generally difficult to attain, and are goals that we set out of societal/peer pressure or self-hate/loathing. I strongly believe that this is the wrong way to begin the new year, or anything new for that matter. We should set goals out of happiness and a dream for the future and focus less on what we have done “wrong” in the past.

While I applaud those who make resolutions and do their best to meet or beat them, I think the mentality of “New Year, New Me” is dangerous. You cannot reinvent yourself every year. You are you. Why try to make yourself someone you are not when you can simply better the person that you already are?

Personally, I don’t think we need to wait until January 1st to make resolutions. You can make a resolution or set a goal at any time. There is a Niyama in Yoga called Tapas which refers to personal discipline. While some goal setting can be too rigorous, working on your personal discipline by challenging yourself can be a very helpful thing. I try not to limit my goal setting to the beginning of the calendar new year, however it is a nice reminder to revisit what you would like to achieve or accomplish.

Near the end of 2015, I read an interesting article or blog post (I can’t remember which) about choosing a word to propel you into the new year. This would be your thematic word to help you remember what you’d like the year to be like, what you would like to achieve and accomplish in the next 365 days. For 2016, my word was Fearless. While 2017 may not have had a word, I tried to continue my journey to live less from fear.

I’ve thought a great deal about 2018; what I would like to accomplish, what I’d like to see and do, the changes I’d like to make, etc. I have decided that my word for 2018 is: Me. I am going to make this year all about me, myself and I. You would think, living my own life, every year would be about me HOWEVER, I have a horrible tendency to get overwhelmed with my job or my friends or the world in general and my concentration on myself wavers.

This year is going to be about trying to better myself, take more time to do the things I’ve been putting off, try new things I’ve been avoiding, make a deeper effort for self care and self love – really work on… ME.

I’ve decided to make short monthly goals rather than yearly large ones. I find small changes to be more sustainable in the long run and so this is the approach that I am taking for this new year.

Cheers to one hell of a year and one hell of a new one!

What are your goals?

2018 – let’s do this!

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