No Spend Challenge – 1 Month Update

It’s been a little over a month since I decided to do a three month no spend challenge and I can’t believe that much time has past already! Here’s the update:

  1. I only broke the rules once (ish).
  2. I’m starting to find alternatives to shopping.
  3. I feel a little better about my finances (not confident but better).
  4. I’m noticing how much I am spending on my essentials now that the non-essentials are out of the picture.
  5. My cravings to buy ‘things’ has gone down.

So yes, I did break the rules. I had a particularly stuck mason jar lid and, having forgotten to take the jar grip my parents offered me at christmas time, I bought a silicon drawer liner at the dollar store from which I cut a square and now use to open stubborn jars.

The reason I said ‘ish’ is because I did also purchase moisturizer for my body. While I did deem it as necessity, I did already own moisturizer however they weren’t doing a good job as my skin is super dry and extremely itchy at the moment so I did go out and purchase a new one that was for itchy skin.

I used to be one of those people who browsed online stores because I was bored, and that is a very dangerous habit. When you have unlimited stores and stock available, you find things that you think you ‘need’ and buy them just because you are bored. Instead, I’ve been watching more documentaries, creating more new recipes and really focusing on spending quality me-time.

Tracking my spending has become a lot easier now that my spending is down. I feel more secure in my spending habits as I know I am spending within my means instead of spending more than I earn. This has also made it way easier to see how much I am spending on my essentials. I can now see that I spend way more on groceries than I originally thought that I did and my goal for February is to reduce that expenditure.

Lastly, my want to shop has gone down. I am happy with the things that I own and have even found more things to minimize. I’ve started a note in my phone where I jot down everything that I want to buy and, if it is something that comes up multiple times, I put a check mark next to it. At the end of my challenge, if I still really want them and have decided they are things that would improve my life, then I will consider buying them but, more often than not, when I go back to write something else down, I’ll erase a few things that I thought I wanted from the list.

Summed up: I spent $1.44 on non-essential items this month. Damn. That’s pretty spectacular. Did I spend more than I earned? No! I am within my budget. Things are looking up!

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