My Zero Waste Diary: Weeks Two and Three

No, this time I don’t have any pictures for you of my garbage but I have included a pretty picture of some of the fruits that I bought, plastic free might I add (well, as plastic free as possible – damn stickers).

I still have my two garbage system but this week I filled the other bin with my paper that needs recycling. I will go back to putting garbage aside once I’ve gotten down to even less packaging but, for now, I’m trying to use up the products that I already own that are in packaging. My fridge door and pantry still have more packaging than I would like so, as I use it up, it will go in the trash (if it can’t be recycled) and I will continue to track my waste production as I go.

The reason I haven’t continued to separate is that I think it is a bad idea to visually punish myself for my past mistakes. I know where my garbage comes from as I am mentally tracking it as I place things in the garbage.

Without access to bulk every week, there are a few things that I am finding difficult to buy package free. The worst? Carrots. I eat a lot of carrots and I cannot find them package free and on budget. I can get maybe four small organic carrots for $4 and tax or a bag of ten for $2 and tax. I know organic is better but I am also on a budget and I’d have to spend $10 on carrots to get enough for me to eat every week. That’s just not in the cards. Rice is also a problem however I have started to buy it in cardboard boxes instead of plastic bags.

I am very excited because, in two weeks, I will be in a city with bulk! Finally! That weekend will be spent with my doing a large bulk shop. I’ve already started a list on my phone and I’ve mentally selected the jars and bags I’ll need to take with me. I can’t wait. I am going to seriously stock up. Winter is pretty bleak for me with regards to my access to bulk. In the spring, summer and fall, driving to the city for the weekend isn’t a big deal with all of the snow, wind, freezing rain and shorter days, winter is as bleak for bulk as it is for sunshine in these parts.

This is a journey but, so far, I’m doing the best I can and I think I’m doing pretty good!

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